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Our Services

We are professionals in commercial and domestic cleaning services. We always use efficient and gentle methods for the highest quality cleaning.
We use time-tested methods and procedures for perfect results and impeccable cleanliness.
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from 299 kč per hour *

Minimum commitment of one cleaning is 3.5 hours for 1760 CZK.

Office Cleaning

We take care of cleaning your company’s environment and ensure pleasant working conditions. In addition, we will prepare your office space for your daily work and important meetings.

Standard office cleaning includes: 
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Polishing mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Dusting of electronics
  • Dusting of all accessible surfaces
  • Taking out the trash
  • Cleaning of sanitary facilities


We will solve your household cleaning problems for you in a high-quality, reliable, and trouble-free manner.
Do the essential things, and we’ll deal with the mundane.

The Basic cleaning option includes:
  • Cleaning of sanitary facilities
  • Cleaning of kitchen counters, washing around the counter area (worktops)
  • Bathroom cleaning, including tiling
    • Washing floors precisely and in corners
    • Cleaning shelves in the kitchen
    • Washing and cleaning the sink, sink taps
    • Cleaning of cooker hood and cooker
    • Cleaning of fridge doors
    • Washing stairs and railings
    • Microwave oven cleaning
    • Window sill cleaning
    • Kitchen table + coffee table cleaning
    • Washing lamps (floor, wall)
    • Mirror polishing (bathroom, bedroom)
    • Glassdoor polishing + threshold wiping
    • Cleaning of paintings + frames
    • Cleaning the kettle of limescale
    • Taking out the baskets + washing the area around the baskets
    • Vacuuming floors and carpets
    • Vacuuming sofas
    • Sweeping cobwebs

    The individual option includes:

    • Window cleaning (washing curtains, drapes)
    • Fridge washing — defrosting
    • Door washing
    • Balcony washing
    • Balcony glass cleaning
    • Washing glasses and crystals in the display case
    • Washing dishes
    • Cleaning of chandeliers according to the complexity of the design (crystal, classic…)
    • Cleaning of cabinets from the outside
    • Cleaning of radiators
    • Cleaning of switches
    • Cleaning of blinds
    • Flower care (watering, fertilizing…)
    • Laundry
    • Ironing laundry
    • Changing linen
    • Taking suits and coats to the dry cleaners and picking them up from the dry cleaners
    • Washing bedspreads or securing the dry cleaners
    • Preparing the bed for romance (candles, towel decorations on the bed, wine or champagne if desired…)
    • Mowing the grass
    • Raking leaves
    • Sweeping

* Minimum commitment of one cleaning is 3.5 hours for 1760 CZK per cleaning assistant. For each additional hour, the charge is 299 CZK.
Free transport within Brno, outside Brno 10 CZK/km. The transport fee includes transport of cleaners, equipment and cleaning products.

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Why Us?

Our cleaning company operates not only on the Czech but also on the Slovak, Polish and Hungarian markets. We provide one-off and regular cleaning for your immediate needs or for the long-term safety of your home or business.

We provide comprehensive cleaning services with a high level of professionalism, loyalty, and sensitivity to your private and professional life.

We take great care in our cleaning and treat our customers’ needs individually. In addition, we prioritize quality, which we manage to maintain continuity through systematic checks.


To order cleaning services, please call, write or use the form. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the terms and conditions
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